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Silvi Says: Quick goodbye for Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson as Seahawks say hello to future

An icy postgame handshake summed up a tense night in Seattle as the Seahawks got the win over their former franchise quarterback.

SEATTLE — Twenty-eight frames.

That's how long Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson hugged after Monday night's game, which Seattle won 17-16 at Lumen Field.

Two frames shy of a full second. That's how far their relationship has fallen.

A lot was said between these two men over the last few years, most of which was never made public. Those conversations needed to stay inside the walls of the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), and they did until Wilson spilled his frustrations on a national radio show.

That was the beginning of the end.

The two men have gone from jumping around together, celebrating big wins, to a 28-frame hug.

It's really no surprise after watching their relationship deteriorate over the last two years.

Going into Monday night's primetime game, they each got in their subtle shots. Pete was asked whether fans will boo Wilson in his return. Instead of praising Wilson and saying they should cheer the only Super Bowl-winning quarterback the franchise has ever had, Carroll responded by saying, "It's up to the 12s."

For Wilson's part leading up to the game, he said the Seahawks tried to trade him more than once in recent years. Yes, because you wanted out and they weren't going to commit $50 million a year to one player.

For $47 million less, the Seahawks have Geno Smith running the offense and doing it the way Carroll and offensive coordinator Shane Waldron intended. For one night, Smith stuck to the program and showed everyone how the offense can look if you eliminate all the adlibs. Smith completed 17-of-18 passes in the first half, including two touchdown passes.

Smith had his night and the defense had his back. A defense that forced two turnovers at the goal line and held the Broncos to one field goal in the second half.

This is how the Seahawks have to win football games this season. They have to rely on everything working together, including their head coach, who has to know this will be one of his most challenging seasons in a lengthy NFL career.

The Seahawks have to play as mistake-free as possible. They committed just five penalties Monday night and only one turnover. That's a good start.

No points in the second half is a concern.

However, now there's game film for teams to study the Hawks' offense and more importantly, study Smith's tendencies.

The Seahawks got away with one against the Broncos. That's OK though, because at some point this season an opposing team will say that after a close win over the Seahawks.

It's proof after a wild opening weekend that anything can happen on game day, just like it did Monday night. Costly turnovers, blown coverages and lucky bounces. The Seahawks will need scrappiness, too, which has always been one of Carroll's attributes.

The 12s will no doubt embrace that scrappy style for a lot longer than 28 frames.


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