For people across America, April 15 is Tax Day.

For Seattle Seahawks fans, April 15 is also Russell Wilson day. That's because it is the deadline Wilson's camp gave the Seahawks to reach a new deal.

Wilson, 30, is in the prime of his career. The question is not "if" he is going to get paid - he will, and it will be a lot - but when he is going to get paid. When the numbers do clear, Wilson will most likely be the highest paid player in the NFL.

For comparison sake, the Minnesota Vikings gave quarterback Kirk Cousins $84 million fully guaranteed. Aaron Rodgers got an extension from the Green Bay Packers that paid him north of $30 million per year.

The difference? Russell has a Super Bowl trophy to Cousins' none. Wilson is also five years younger than Rodgers, and has two Super Bowl appearances to Rodgers' one.

This is not to say Russell is better or worse than either of them, but more so to point out that Russell is in a great spot to cash in and cash in big.

The Seahawks know this. So what's the holdup? Finding a dollar amount that makes everyone happy, of course.

The Seahawks still need to pay Frank Clark and Bobby Wagner, among others. But the risk of letting Russell enter his contract year without a deal in place is a risk not worth taking in my opinion. Did somebody say Earl Thomas?

For his part, Russell has said multiple times before he loves Seattle, he would play out his contract and not holdout. 

So why the deadline?

Likely to avoid any lingering questions into the season and to squash any rumors (such as Russell wanting to be traded to the New York Giants) as soon as possible.