PORTLAND, Ore. — A state representative has sponsored a resolution that asks the Trail Blazers organization to change its name from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Oregon Trail Blazers.

House Concurrent Resolution 15 is sponsored by Rep. Eric Werner Reschke, a Republican who represents the 56th district, which covers part of southern Oregon, including Klamath Falls and Lake County.

The resolution says that because "Blazermania affects Oregonians from all walks of life and from every area of the state, regardless of the city they call home," the organization should change its name to the Oregon Trail Blazers.

"I introduced HCR 15 to be all-encompassing statewide. This is Oregon’s team, not just Portland’s," said Reschke. "First, it is historically more accurate, but most importantly, the name 'Oregon Trail Blazers' is more inclusive."

Head coach Terry Stotts was asked about the resolution after practice Monday. He said he hadn't heard of it, but quickly shot down the idea.

"It's the Portland Trail Blazers," he said.

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