UPDATE May 29: Portland’s Colin O’Brady has finished the Explorers Grand Slam in World Record time.

He climbed Mt. Vinson (Antarctica), Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Carstensz Pyramid (Australia/Oceania), Mt. Elbrus (Europe), Mt. Everest (Asia), and Denali (North America).

Beginning with Mt. Vinson on January 17 and ending on May 27 on the summit of Denali, Colin completed the‪ Seven Summits and trekked across the North and South Poles in 139 days.

The time to beat was 192 days.

UPDATE May 19: Colin O'Brady has reached the summit of Mt. Everest.

He posted the following message on his Facebook page:

Today I summited Mt. Everest! Just one month after I arrived at the North Pole. I think it's fair to say this was the most exhausting part of the entire BEYOND 7/2 project. Obviously the summit day was intense but it was the cumulative week of two attempts, two windstorms, and having to stay at Camp 3 unexpectedly...
I'm really looking forward to sharing all sorts of details about the climb, it was truly remarkable. I am back down at Camp 2 now. I could have stayed in Camp 4 but I opted to get back down low as soon as possible so I can get to base camp tomorrow and fly out of here to ‪#‎Alaska‬ and finish this project up!
The thought of climbing another mountain right now is... a little bit daunting.
Anyways, it's good to be back at Camp 2. Epic day. Tons more narrative/photos/videos to share but first and foremost I need to pass out in my tent right now and get some sleep.
Thank you so much to all the amazing people who sent me messages. All the support was just amazing. I'm so humbled and grateful.
Bedtime here at 21,000ft. Hard to believe I was at 29,000ft today. Crazy.

UPDATE May 13: O'Brady is climbing Mt. Everest. High winds have delayed his climb to the summit. He hopes to reach the summit sometime this weekend.

UPDATE Feb. 9: O’Brady summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, in less than 12 hours. He’s 4 for 4 on the Beyond 7/2 challenge. He’s crossed one pole and reached three of the seven summits. Next up is the Carstensz Pyramid.

UPDATE Feb. 1: O’Brady summited Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America at 22,841 feet. It's twice the height of Mt. Hood.

He moves on to Australia to climb Carstensz.

Original story from Jan. 22 below.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Endurance athlete Colin O’Brady is taking on a new challenge.

He’s started what’s called the 'Explorers Grand Slam.' The goal is to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and trek across the north and south poles.

The climbs include Mt. Everest, and he wants to accompilsh the feat in five months. That would be a new world record.

O'Brady is also trying to raise $1 million for The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

He just finished one section in the South Pole and is now in South America.

O'Brady started his endurance athletic career as a triathlete after being seriously burned in an accident eight years ago. He was told he might never walk again but did recover.

O'Brady spent six years as a pro triathlete but decided to make a change.

“Triathlon was beginning to feel personally self serving,” he said.

Before he left, O'Brady visited several schools including Beverly Cleary in Portland.

Eleanor Warner, a student at Beverly Cleary, said, “I think it’s really amazing he set a giant goal for himself.”

The students are following O'Brady's blog of the trip.