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Lincoln High School home to the only Spanish-language student publication in Oregon

Students at Lincoln High School have created and published a Spanish-language student magazine called Puño & Letra, giving Latinx students a voice.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland is home to the only Spanish-language high school student publication in the state of Oregon. 

For the last eight years students at Lincoln High School have created and published an all-Spanish-language student magazine called Puño & Letra, twice a year.

But it's not just any publication — they cover real-life, hard topics like immigration stories, social injustice and more.

"It's not easy to put your work in front of other people and they're really doing amazing things," said Trevor Todd the advisor for Puño & Letra.

As far as he's aware they are the only all-Spanish student publications out there — potentially beyond the state of Oregon, Todd said. 

Credit: KGW

"We keep saying it — hoping someone will get in touch with us and prove us wrong," said Todd. 

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Carmen Blank said she takes pride in being part of Puño & Letra — as it gives her and other Latino students a voice. 

"I feel super validated and celebrated in this space,” said Blank. "We always need to push and make our voices loud to be able to get visibility for our issues, the topics we want to be covered and to just make sure that people don't forget us."

The class ranges from sophomores to seniors — all with different backgrounds, perspectives, artistic ideas and abilities.

Credit: KGW
Puño & Letra

"I love the community (and) I love the freedom we have to write and make art," said Talia Valdes the artistic director of the publication. 

Valdes creates and designs all the magazine covers. She has a passion for art and celebrating her culture — so this course was right up her alley. 

"I feel sort of a sense of pride,” said Valdes. “I'm very proud of everyone that works with the magazine. We all put it together."

Credit: KGW
Puño & Letra students packing their latest publication for distribution to other schools around Portland.

While the publication is mainly digital base — Puño & Letra sends out 1,000 printed copies to other Portland Public Schools and beyond to advanced Spanish programs. This includes MEChA leadership chapters in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Dayton, Newberg and more. 

By doing this they hope to spread awareness and inclusion to others within the Latinx community in Portland. 

"We have a lot to offer as well and we have a lot of perspectives, that's important and I think especially it is important to support our Latino youth,” said Blank. “It has such a big impact to have opportunities like this in Puño & Letra."

Visit Lincoln High School's website to read the latest issue.

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