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Sports fan won $81,965 on Oregon Lottery betting app after making $5 wager

The Oregon Lottery has taken $13.1 million in wagers since it launched the sports betting app last month.

PORTLAND, Ore. — One lucky sports bettor already cashed in big on the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard app. The player correctly picked 15 Euroleague women and Eurocup women basketball league games. The $5 parlay bet paid $81,965. It was the largest payout on a single wager since the Oregon Lottery released its new online sports betting game last month.

The Scoreboard app and desktop allows fans in Oregon to wager on various professional sports including football, basketball and even darts.

Here’s a breakdown of wagers since the Scoreboard launched Oct.16:

How much are people betting?

The Oregon Lottery has taken $13.1 million in sports wagers and paid out $12.1 million to winners. The average sports bet on Scoreboard is $22.

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What’s been the biggest bet?

One sports bettor wagered $15,021 on the Spurs/Lakers game on Nov. 25. They lost the bet.

What’s been the biggest bet on NFL football?

Someone put down $10,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. But get this, the bettor got cold feet. They used the “Bet Back” feature that allows you to settle your bet early and cash out before the game or contest has finished if things aren’t going your way. Obviously, the bettor took a hit and only got $9,000 back.

What’s been the biggest payout on NFL football?

One player made $5,000 after taking the over/under on two games, Falcons/Buccaneers and Browns/Dolphins. They put down $7,000 for the wager.

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What NFL games have seen the most betting action?

The top three games for sports betting on Scoreboard included the 49ers/Seahawks, 49ers/Packers and Browns/Steelers.

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