PORTLAND, Ore. -- It’s a special time for Portland’s Lynn Lashbrook, who grew up in Kansas City and has a passion for baseball. His Royals are world champions, spring training is underway and he feels the Rose City is inching closer to getting Major League Baseball.

“The baseball gods, if you look at Portland architecturally and based on our compact city, I think we’re made for baseball,” said Lashbrook. “More than any city out there.”

Lashbrook is a sports agent and educator and owns Sports Management Worldwide in the Pearl District. He’s been in the sports business for more than four decades.

“We do our 20,000 season ticket signups with our new website...our goal is to show Major League Baseball we have 20,000 season ticket holders ready to get involved, both politically in the mayor’s race as well as helping attract a team. Whether it’s the Oakland A’s or an expansion team," he said.

Portland is the 22nd largest television market in the country. It’s bigger than a half dozen Major League cities, including Lashbrook’s beloved Kansas City. Lashbrook said there are two perfect spots for stadiums in Portland.

“The Memorial Coliseum site, which is a little political, but it doesn’t do service to our fallen soldier,” Lashrbook said. “And the school district site. We’ve got the infrastructure, the light rail, the transportation. Look how successful the Blazers and the Timbers have been."consultant, of the 20 people that have been in the last three years, have even said we are wasting our time with our vision, because baseball is going to expand if they don’t relocate.”

Yes, Lashbrook has been trying for close to 20 years to bring Major League Baseball to Portland and the fire is still burning to make it happen.

“Why wouldn’t you want to have sports as an addition to a quality of life and it’s an economic engine as well as a quality of life?” Lashbrook asked. "It’s a no-brainer and it’s a chance to give back to the community. That’s why I’m passionate about it.”

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