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Blazers fan shows off one-of-a-kind memorabilia collection

We met Steve a few months ago at his home in Salem, before the pandemic, and got a close up look at the impressive collection.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Vintage Portland Trail Blazers jerseys, T-shirts, autographs and more spanning decades. You name it, Steve Davies probably got it.

We met Steve a few months ago at his home in Salem, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and got a close up look at the impressive collection. Davies has been collecting Blazers memorabilia since he was a little boy.

"I grew up in Battle Ground, the Trail Blazers started in 1970 when I was 10 years old, prime age. My dad had played basketball, we'd go over to the games in the evenings and I started with the basic collectibles," said Davies. "I found these items all across the country in my quest. I just had to bring it home."

At one point, he says the collection was worth more than $2 million. He owned about 300 game-worn jerseys.

"If the Blazers ever wanted it back I was one stop shopping. Sure enough in 2013-2014, they called me."

Yes, his collection was so legit, the Trail Blazers came to him for items.

"They selected the best of the best for their displays. Jerome Kersey game-worn jerseys, Clyde Drexler, Buck Williams, Jim Paxson, Larry Steele, I had Lloyd Neal's jersey from the championship year, the jersey he wore in the championship game. They have it back and that to me, means every bit as much as building this over the years."

Fifty years of history is in this collection.

"I've obtained these items from family members, from neighbors, from ball boys, I've walked into a thrift store," said Davies. "Carmelo Anthony was the 337th Trail Blazer to take the court and I have autographs from all, but about a dozen."

His collection includes a variety of items including a piece of the hardwood from the championship floor in 1977, the desk clock of Founder Harry Glickman from the team's inaugural season, and even a game-worn armband from center Arvydas Sabonis.

The Trail Blazers honored Davies with a personalized jersey.  

"They gave me number 70 because that was the year I started the collection," said Davies.

Three others received that number as well. Founder Harry Glickman, "Mr. Rip City" Bill Schonely, and original team historian Chuck Charnquist.

"To be in that company is just unbelievable."

Now Davies is trying to downsize his collection. He's selling items, giving some away and donating some of the funds to charity.

"I put this together for everyone in Oregon. All of us fans, these are the kinds of things we grew up with and looked for, I had to have it."

For more information on those items, visit Davies' Twitter page @blazercollector.

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