Oregon recruits have been diverging in the aftermath of coach Willie Taggart’s departure for Florida State, with some reaffirming their belief in #TheMovement18 and others announcing they were seeking pastures new. One of those in the latter category was Braden Lenzy, a four-star athlete from Tigard (Ore.) who announced his decommitment on Twitter.

That departure created an irrational fury in an Oregon state representative, who decided to offer the teen some unsolicited advice:

Yes, that is indeed a middle-aged Republican state representative criticizing a 17-year-old’s decision to reconsider an antiquated ritual aimed at protecting a college’s scholarship inventory. When called out on the propriety of questioning the pending life decisions of a teenager, he defended his own advice rather than backing away from his original comments:

Post’s comments may just be the strangest and most surprising intervention in high school recruiting in the Pacific Northwest in memory.

Of course, with Post’s willingness to intervene with Lenzy, there’s no telling when he might do so again, or if others take his lead. Let’s hope not.

For his part, Post apologized later Thursday.

Lenzy retweeted "It's all good, it was blown up . . . No beef."