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You got to see this: The 10 most watched videos on KGW in 2018

Here are the 10 videos on KGW.com this year that made you stop what you were doing, watch and share with a friend.
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Tay'lor Smith was charged with reckless endangerment for pushing Jordan Holgerson off a bridge at Moulton Falls in Washington.

PORTLAND, Ore. — There were a lot of crazy moments captured on camera in 2018. Here are the 10 videos on KGW.com this year that made you stop what you were doing, watch and share with a friend.

10.) Package thief injured while stealing from Bothell porch

Two people were caught on surveillance video stealing packages from a porch in Bothell, Washington. Video of the pair went viral after the woman falls and hurts herself after grabbing the packages. The getaway driver carries her off before returning to retrieve the packages.

9.) New law lets some Oregonians self-serve gas

At the beginning of the year, a new law went into effect allowing self-serve gas in rural Oregon counties. The internet decided to have some fun as Oregonians responded to the thought of pumping their own gas.

8.) Drone video: California crash scene

The Hart family tragedy captivated KGW readers. And drone video of the cliff where the SUV crashed into the ocean was one of the most viewed this year.

7.) Yakima County families threatened by landslide evacuate

In Central Washington, Yakima County warned residents near Rattlesnake Ridge that they were in the path of a potential landslide. Officials with the state warned the landslide could happen in the first month of the year. It still hasn’t happened.

6.) Rollerblading bear & a chocolate syrup commute: That is so Portland

A weekly showcase on Tonight with Cassidy: That is so Portland! The segment features KGW resident weird expert (and chief meteorologist) Matt Zaffino. He and Cassidy Quinn discuss some of the odd things seen around Portland in the last week. This Sept. 12 edition featured a rollerblading bear and a chocolate syrup commute!

5.) Three kids still missing after California crash

News of the crash stunned the country. On March 23, Jennifer and Sarah Hart left their Woodland, Washington, home in the family's SUV, the same day Child Protective Services visited the house to check on a child welfare complaint involving the couple's six adopted children.

Three days later, the SUV was found at the bottom of a cliff on the California coast. Jennifer, Sarah and four of their children died in the crash. Two children are still missing and presumed dead.

4.) Initiative would ban sale of assault weapons

A proposal to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in Oregon was submitted as a ballot initiative petition in March.

The initiative would have required legal gun owners to surrender or register their assault weapons or face felony charges. It also would have required owners of assault weapons to sell, surrender or remove the weapons from the state, or render them inoperable, within 120 days of the bill’s passage.

The initiative never made it to the November ballot. Supporters said they will set their sights on 2020.

3.) Washington teen seriously injured after being pushed off the Moulton Falls Bridge

Cellphone video showed the moment Washington teen Jordan Holgerson was with a group of friends and pushed from behind. She fell about 60 feet and awkwardly plunged into the Lewis River. Holgerson survived but suffered five broken ribs. The video went viral and the criminal case continues to make its way through the legal system.

2.) Employees claim pot shop could be haunted

Andy Gomez was working by himself at the counter of an Oregon City marijuana store when surveillance video shows a glass tip jar slowly slide off the edge of a level counter. Watch the video and judge for yourself whether the marijuana shop is haunted.

1.) Watch kids of 9/11 cancer victim pitch his dream 'Shark Tank' product

The three children of a 9/11 firefighter who died of cancer wowed the ‘Shark Tank’ judges with their late father’s invention and heartfelt story.