PORTLAND, Ore. --Two major events dominated video views in 2017, the August total eclipse and the emotional toll of the Eagle Creek fire in the Columbia Gorge.

But the most viewed local news video of the year was the tearful confession of a white man who berated a Muslim couple in a road rage episode He said he needed to educate himself beyond what had been hate-based information.

Stories of immigration, ICE, deportation and crime dominated local and national headlines. The No. 2 video involved a man who sexually assaulted a Portland woman. The man had been deported 20 times.

KGW viewers love animal stories and the No. 3 video warms our hearts. A woman came to the rescue of a dog trapped in a hot car by breaking a window.

The No. 4 video? A horrific story. A Colton, Oregon man murdered his mother, cut off her head, carried it into an Estacada store, then attacked an employee with a knife. This happened on Mother's Day.

The Eagle Creek fire cut to heart of many of us who enjoy hiking the Columbia River Gorge. The No. 5 video is a time lapse of the fire.

Before the summer's total solar eclipse, there were dire predictions about massive traffic jams. Our No. 6 video was a primer on preparations for being stuck in a car for days and what a first-time backpacker should bring into the wilderness.

The August eclipse cut across the entire length of the United States, but hey, it started in Oregon and we were excited. The No. 7 video offers tips on eye safety, delivered by an Oregon City man who damaged his eyes decades ago during an eclipse.

The No. 8 video was a big 'bwaa ha' to people who waited too long to rent cars or book flights.

We followed every turn of the Eagle Creek fire, including the No. 9 video, a press conference after the fire had taken on a life of its own and shocked us all with its level of destruction.

The cause of the fire was reportedly a teen who was throwing fireworks. While debate went on for weeks about what should happen to him, the No. 10 video shows Oregon State Police interviewing a group of teens on the day the fire started.

We're not leaving this list without an editor's pick. Of all the August eclipse videos, one was mesmerizing and something we'll never see again. Yes, cars were jammed up on highways after the eclipse was over, but gazing down on the the lineup of planes at the Madras airport. Wow.