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Why you shouldn't wipe ash from your car

Don't wipe off wildfire ash from your car. Here's what to do instead.
Ash falling in Gold Bar, Washington. Credit: Michele Olson

Wildfire smoke has already brought unhealthy air into Western Washington. Now ash is starting to fall in places across Puget Sound.

Michele Olson recorded ash covering her car near Gold Bar Monday. She referred to it as 'snowing ash,' noting in the video her car had just been washed.

South King County Fire says you should not wipe-off ash from your car. Doing so could scratch the paint. Only rinsing off your car could release chemicals that are harsh on your paint. Instead, you should thoroughly wash your car with soap and water.

Driving2Save advises you wait to start cleaning ash off your car until the wildfire smoke has cleared. Don't use a blower that will only spread the ash further around. The website also suggests using a wax after the car wash to help protect your paint.

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