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People across the Portland metro area woke up Tuesday to ash on their cars due to wildfires. But trying to clean it off could damage your car.

Fire officials said wiping the ash off could scratch the paint. You should thoroughly wash and dry your car instead.

Winds pushed ash across the sky from the Eagle Creek Fire burning in the Columbia River Gorge.

In Seattle, the Norse Peak Fire burning near Crystal Mountain sent ash all over King County cars. The National Weather Service tracked easterly winds coming out of the mountains Monday night around 40 mph.

The Norse Peak Fire started Aug. 11. The fire is almost 19,000 acres in size and eight percent contained, as of Tuesday morning.

The Eagle Creek Fire started Saturday, Sept. 2. It was burning more than 10,000 acres Tuesday morning and had jumped from the Oregon to Washington side of the Columbia River. Communities along the river have been evacuated due to the blaze.

KGW viewers sent in dozens of photos overnight of the ash on their cars.