HOUSTON – Where'd the money go? That's what a woman asked Houston Texans star J.J. Watt on Twitter, talking about the money he raised after Hurricane Harvey hit.

And the Texans star responded.

It all started with a tweet from the Texans who congratulated Watt for winning the Laureus Sporting Inspiration Award for his fundraising efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

The defensive end had a goal of raising about $250,000. Instead, $37 million poured in. That’s why watt won this big award in Monaco Tuesday night.

And he's posted quite a bit on social showing him and boots on the ground helping Harvey victims.

So now to the Twitter beef. “Kim,” who, yes, apparently runs an adult cake business, replied to that Texans tweet with this question:

"Do we know where any of money went ... Because I can't find one person they got any help from the J.J. Watt Foundation for Hurricane Harvey.

She adds, “I know J.J.'s a great man."

Watt didn't just respond, he retweeted her question with an answer.

He pointed out there are 2.3 million in people in Houston, and he can't reach every single person.

But he said, “We've rebuilt homes and day cares, provided food and medical care and our work is far from finished! I promise we're doing the best we can!”

Thousands of people respond to Watt's tweets on a normal day, and this one really fired them up.

“Karley” wrote, “J.J., you don't need to explain yourself to her.”

And Alfredo Averado thanked Watt for all he's done for Houston.

Caroline Wood pointed out that since J.J.'s foundation is a 501c, his foundation's expenses are public information, and anyone can see where he spent the money.

A lot of people straight came for Kim, like “RJ” who asked, “Can you make me a cake that has a picture of a business going bankrupt? It's for a friend.”

Kim said she just wanted to see more examples of where the money has gone.

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