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What could a new Burnside Bridge look like? PSU students pitch creative ideas to county leaders

Multnomah County is in the middle of a years-long process to determine the future of the Burnside Bridge, so that it can withstand a major earthquake.

Nate Hanson

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Published: 2:38 PM PDT June 7, 2019
Updated: 3:29 PM PDT June 7, 2019

Editor's note: Video is from September 2018

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It is well known that as currently designed, the Burnside Bridge, along with many of Portland’s bridges, would likely crumble when ‘The Big One’ hits.

It would be especially problematic for Portlanders if the Burnside Bridge collapsed because it is designated as a regional lifeline, one that will provide the crucial connection between Portland’s east and west side for emergency response and recovery following a devastating natural disaster.

That’s why Multnomah County has spent the past couple years studying options for how the bridge can be improved, so that it will survive the anticipated Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.