It appears that a joke/prank created on the forum of was successful in its goal to get the internet and people to think the common 'OK' hand sign was actually a white power symbol.

This online worry over this claim peaked in recent weeks when a reporter for fusion tweeted a photo of two alleged alt-right members standing in the White House Press Room and flashing the "ok" sign.

The tweet read, "Just two people doing a white power hand gesture in the White House."

VERIFY - Reporter tweet ok sign

That same reporter quickly tweeted another photo demonstrating how the symbol is being used as a hate symbol with a link to an Anti-defamation League article explaining the gesture. The only problem - the article showed a different gesture, that requires both hands to use, not the "ok" sign.

To further explain the situation, the ADL posted a blog titled "No, the 'OK' Gesture Is Not a Hate Symbol."

In it, the author explains that the picture posted by the reporter depicting it's white power meaning was actually created on a forum page. The page in question says in part, "We must flood twitter and other social media websites with spam, claiming that the OK hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy."

"Leftists have dug so deep down into their lunacy," it later reads. " We must force to dig more, until the rest of society ain't going anywhere near that."

While KVUE cannot explain the motives behind why individuals or groups might choose to use certain symbols, we can verify that the claim of the "OK" sign being a White Power symbol as FALSE.


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