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VERIFY: If I take sick time, what workplace protections do I have in Oregon?

Oregon is one of 10 states where you have paid sick leave protections.
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PORTLAND, Ore. — As fears of the coronavirus spread across the country, it's important to remember what workplace protections Oregonians have as they consider taking time off work for a possible sickness.

We set out to Verify: What protections do you have under Oregon law for sick time?

According to Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle, Oregon is just one of 10 states where you have paid leave protections.

All Oregon employees are allowed to take 40 hours of protected sick leave every year. An employer must pay you your regular wage when you take sick time -- if the workplace has more than 10 employees, or 6 or more if they have a location in Portland.

If your workplace doesn't apply, sick time is unpaid but still protected by law.

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State law says you can use sick time for yourself or a family member's sickness, injury, mental illness or a doctor visit.

According to law, you cannot be fired or disciplined for using that sick time, regardless of business needs. You're protected in taking that time, so an employer cannot retaliate against you or encourage you not to take time off.

If you have any questions about the law, call Oregon Labor & Industries at 971-673-0761.


We can Verify: Oregon law protects you from being disciplined or fired from your job if you take sick time.

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