PORTLAND, Ore. — Women all over the country are receiving cards congratulating them on their pregnancies. 

"Holy guacamole! You're going to avo baby!" 

Inside they find several gift cards and coupons for baby gear, like books, shoes, pregnancy pillows or custom pacifiers. 

There's no return label on the card, and there's one big problem - for the most part, women getting these cards are not pregnant at all.

We wanted to Verify: Are these gift cards and coupons legit?

The Better Business Bureau started getting complaints about these cards in October 2019 and they appear to be coming from a company called Mother's Lounge, LLC in Utah with several brands like Canopy Couture and Little Wanderers.

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The BBB has gotten more than 55 complaints about the card scam and has heard the quality of the items ordered is much lower than expected. 

Some customers said they ended up overpaying for shipping and they weren't able to contact customer service. 

Dozens of women have taken to Twitter and Reddit to post about the scam, which some are calling cruel and predatory. 

KGW News Producer Megan Johnson got the card mailed to her at her parents' house too.

"As a young woman who is of almost child-rearing age, it freaked me out, and my mom really truly believed that I maybe was pregnant," Johnson said. "So of course she's asking questions! I posted it on Twitter asking if anyone else had seen it. It just felt like a weird invasion of privacy, to send this to someone who is my age, who is a young woman. It creeped me out!"

It's still unknown how or where the company is getting women's addresses and names, but according to the New York Times, who spoke to one of the founders of Mothers Lounge, those receiving the mailers "at one point subscribed to an opt-in list for maternity deals and coupons through a third party marketing company." 

We can Verify: The gift cards may work, but keep in mind the BBB has given Mothers Lounge an "F" rating. You may receive lower-quality items than expected, and you may end up overpaying for shipping and handling. 

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