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VERIFY: Can Spanx Crush Internal Organs?

Can Spanx damage internal organs?
Credit: Mollerus, Meghann
Courtesy: Spanx.com


As fall fashion takes hold of Triad closets, we'll be wearing a lot of layers. Perhaps the undermost layer is a compression garment. Roxanne Jones asked:

"I work in an office building and wear Spanx quite often... lately, I've heard stories that Spanx compress your internal organs. Could you VERIFY if this is true?"


  • Dr. Michelle Ghobrial - neurologist at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center


Ghobrial explained there is documentation that compression garments, like Spanx, can worsen gastro-reflux symptoms, causing circulation problems and restricting blood vessels, thereby causing swelling. They also can cause infection in hair follicles and compress the nerves.

However, Ghobrial said someone will experience these symptoms only if he or she wears compression garments for long periods of time. And, she explained, the only evidence of compression garments damaging organs is with extreme compression -- for example, wearing waist trainers for long periods of time.


Roxanne should be OK to wear Spanx regularly, as long as she does not wear them non-stop. Long-term use of extreme compression garments can, indeed, damage internal organs.

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