St. HELENS, Ore. — What started as a prop on the popular TV show Grimm has become the center of some controversy in the small town of St. Helens.

It's a replica Stonehenge, however, it is made of Styrofoam.


Patricia Forbes antique store sits right across the street from the display.

She said she has seen chunks of the Styrofoam come off the faux stones and litter the bank and the river.

"Our concern is that if wildlife ingests these Styrofoam pieces, it gets into their stomach, they will starve to death," she said.

The replica originated as a prop in the show Grimm and was given to the town after the show ended.

The city first used it for its big Halloween-themed festival last year.

It was eventually moved to a storage facility but is back up again.

"It's not really designed... to be sitting out in the elements because it will continue to degrade," business owner Gainor Riker said.

Some residents petitioned the city last year to get the display removed and are petitioning to get it removed again.

City finance director Matt Brown said the Styrofoam Stonehenge replica will stay up through the Halloween festival which runs through the month of October. He said he checks on the display daily and has not seen any Styrofoam coming off of it.

"We try our best to keep it maintained as best we can," Brown said.

Brown said the city does plan to put a sealer on the structures in the days to come to prevent them from deteriorating.

After the festival, the city will decide whether to refurbish the display and keep using it or get rid of it.