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The Jan. 10 snowstorm has officially gone down in history as the fifth snowiest on record. And while it's created massive headaches for drivers, parents and pretty much everyone else, it's also provided some awesome photographic opportunities.

And KGW viewers have taken advantage! Here's what our record snowfall looks like through the lenses of their drones.

Rhianna Lakin shot this one over Portland. Has the Rose City ever looked more lovely?

Rhianna also snapped these gorgeous panoramics.

And this one over Gladstone.

SK Productions captured the kids - and adults - enjoying the snow in Camas. And bonus - a stunning shot of Mt. Hood presiding over it all!

Have you ever seen Oswego Lake surrounded by snow? Here's a hint. It's beautiful. Clifford Paguio Photography shows us.

Dan Winkler caught the snowscape of Cedar Mill.

And finally - the farmlands and hills surrounding Gaston. Ian Eytzen captured this one. We hope you got your drone out of the tree, Ian!

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