PORTLAND, Ore -- There is renewed interest by some U.S. lawmakers in bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. Oregon s Jeff Merkley is one of them.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley is one of the architects of the Manufacturing Jobs for America legislation.

Merkley launched the initiative in North Portland at Indow Windows, a maker of custom replacement windows for older homes. Everything in Indow Window s manufacturing process is sourced with U.S. made products.

What started as a mostly local effort has now spread across the country.

Just 3 years old, the company now has 18 employees and is growing.

Merkley has been traveling the state for the last year and half learning from companies about what s keeping more manufactures from relocating to the United States.

There was no way to manufacture in China and deliver the quality that we want to make for our customers, said Sam Pardue, CEO and founder of Indow Windows.

Merkley believes that U.S. firms can find a value in staying in the U.S.

When we are more efficient in making things here, it means that we have much less temptation, if you will, to move factories overseas, Merkley said.

Senator Merkely wants to restore shop classes at schools and provide low-cost loans to increase energy efficiencies that would lower costs for manufacturing plants.

Merkley said more work needs to be done to open up foreign markets to U.S. good and expand access to the funds they need to grow.