PORTLAND, Ore. -- An estimated crowd of 1,500 New Year's Eve partygoers rang in 2018 at Champagne Ball at the downtown Portland Hilton Sunday night.

The event marked the 27th year of the Champagne Ball and the celebration's 18th year at the Hilton. The annual formal event featured three different dance floors and four party rooms, including the main ballroom in the lower level of the hotel.

“It's awesome,” said Anna Kopytko, who was attending the event.” I've was here a couple of years ago and I feel like every year they go bigger and bigger. So I'm excited.”

The event wasn't without some Portland-flair, of course. Champagne Ball guests had the opportunity to take photos with a llama and alpaca named Rojo and Napoleon, respectively. “They're sort of the show here,” said Amiko Riley of the animals. “[They're] really cute.”

Riley's husband Mike remarked: “That's Portland.” Staff noted that the llama and alpaca were trained to “hug” guests.

According to event organizers, a portion of proceeds from the event were being given to the Oregon Active Foundation, a Portland nonprofit aimed that providing adventure therapy for people with disabilities.

“For me personally and our family, 2017 has been a pretty awesome year,” said Karle Pittsinger, also in attendance at the Champagne Ball. “So it's pretty awesome to celebrate as a family here together tonight.”