PORTLAND, Ore.--The Portland Police Bureau has released crime statistics for the first four months of 2016 (January - April) with a comparison to the previous five year average.

Data show the city has experienced an overall decline in crime, but a rise in gang-related violent crimes, motor vehicle theft, car prowls, bicycle theft, and robbery.

Additionally, the Bureau has released calls for service data for January - April, which shows a steady rise in calls for police over the past 5 years - from 62,137 in 2012 to 77,604 in 2016.

Overall crime is down two percent, including a remarkable 74 percent drop in homicides. At the end of April 2016, there were only 2 homicides in the City of Portland compared to an average of 8 over the past five years (January - April).

The Bureau is concerned about the significant rise in both larceny (theft) and robbery crimes.

* Motor Vehicle Theft is up 31 percent

* Theft from Auto (car prowls) is up 21 percent

* Bicycle Theft is up 12 percent

* Robbery is up 12 percent

Suspected gang and gun violence continues to rise and is measured over several different categories.

As of May 12, 2016, there have been 64 gang-related violent crimes, the majority of them involving gun violence. At the same time in 2015, there had been 48 incidents of gang violence.

"I'm concerned about the rising rate of robbery and theft crimes, as well as the continued increase in gang and gun violence," said Chief Lawrence P. O'Dea III. "We need the community's help in crime prevention especially at this time of reduced police resources."

The Portland Police Bureau works closely with Enough is Enough PDX, a community-led campaign aimed at encouraging people to take a stand against gang violence in the area.