PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Bakery in Southeast Portland which sells a Johnny Cash cupcake is getting national attention after a win on the Cooking Channel.

Jax Button, the owner of Hungry Heart on Southeast 80th Avenue, won $10,000 on “Sugar Showdown.”

“It was crazy,” she said. "We were on the set for 13 hours but only had 45 minutes when it came to making each batch of cupcakes.”

Button opened the bakery just a year and a half ago, after success with a food cart.

“I now employ 10 people and we pride ourselves on being a no-waste bakery," she said. "What we don’t sell, we donate.”

Customers weren’t surprised by Button's television success,

“Her cupcakes are amazing,” said Angelica Lee. "You can almost taste the love she puts in every treat.”

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