Former Vice President Joe Biden consoled the daughter of ailing Sen. John McCain after she began crying while discussing her father's cancer on ABC's "The View" Wednesday.

Sen. McCain is battling the same aggressive type of brain cancer that killed Biden's son Beau in 2015.

Biden is promoting a new memoir, but "View" panelist Meghan McCain says she couldn't get through the book.

She says, "I think about Beau almost every day and I was told that this doesn't get easier but that you cultivate the tools to work with this and live with this."

Biden moved from his place on the set to sit next to Meghan McCain. He told her there's hope, and a medical breakthrough is possible.

Biden says, "And it can happen tomorrow."

After the show, McCain tweeted that there are no words to convey his immense gratitude for Joe Biden and his family.

Sen. McCain also took to Twitter to thank Biden for setting an example of strength.

Sen. McCain was diagnosed with glioblastoma in July. Just a few weeks ago, the senator attended his daughter's wedding at the family house in Sedona, Arizona. Meghan McCain told 'People' magazine, she moved up the date of her wedding to make sure her father could attend.

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