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What's on the Clackamas County ballot in May 2020?

Drop off your ballot by Tuesday, May 19 or mail it by Tuesday, May 5.
Credit: Torsten Kjellstrand/The Oregonian

PORTLAND, Ore. — US Presidential primary

  • Donald Trump (R)
  • Joe Biden (D)
  • Bernie Sanders (D)
  • Elizabeth Warren (D)
  • Tulsi Gabbard (D)

Secretary of State

  • Mark D. Hass (D)
  • Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D)
  • Shemia Fagan (D)
  • Kim Thatcher (R)
  • Dave W. Stauffer (R)

US Senate

  • Jeff Merkley (D)
  • Paul J. Romero, Jr. (R)
  • Robert Schwartz (R)
  • Jo Rae Perkins (R)
  • John Verbeek (R)

State Treasurer

  • Tobias Read (D)
  • Jeff Gudman (R)

Attorney General

  • Ellen Rosenblum (D)
  • Michael Cross (R)

Clackamas Co. Commissioner, Position 1

  • Jim Bernard
  • Tootie Smith

Clackamas Co. Commissioner, Position 3

  • Martha Schrader
  • Bill Osburn
  • Evan Geier

Clackamas Co. Commissioner, Position 4

  • Ken Humberston
  • Mark Schull
  • Breeauna Sagdal

Clackamas Co. Sheriff

  • Angela Brandenburg
  • Lynn Schoenfeld
  • Brian Jensen
  • Roger Edwards

City of Portland mayor:

  • Randy Rapaport
  • Teressa Raiford
  • Bruce Broussard
  • Michael Burleson
  • Jarred Bepristis
  • Willie Banks
  • Daniel Hoffman
  • Lew Humble
  • Beryl Sylvia McNair
  • Sharon Joy
  • Michael Patrick Jenkins
  • Michael O'Callaghan
  • Floyd Heinrich La Bar
  • Ted Wheeler (incumbent)
  • Mark White
  • Ozzie Gonzalez
  • Piper Crowell
  • Cash Blanco Carter
  • Sarah Iannarone

City of Portland Commissioner 1:

  • Carmen Rubio
  • Isham Harris
  • Alicia McCarthy
  • Mary Ann Schwab
  • Philip J. Wolfe
  • Corinne Patel
  • Timothy DuBois
  • Cullis Autry
  • Candace Avalos

City of Portland Commissioner 2:

  • Dan Ryan
  • Margot Black
  • Tera Hurst
  • Aquiles Montas
  • Loretta Smith
  • Ryan Farmer
  • Walter Wesley
  • Terry Parker
  • Diana Gutman
  • Rachelle Dixon
  • Jeff Lang
  • Julia DeGraw
  • James Davis
  • Jack Kerfoot
  • Sam Chase
  • Ronault Catalani
  • Cynthia Castro

City of Portland Commissioner 4:

  • Kevin McKay
  • Mingus Mapps
  • Robert K. MacKay
  • Aaron Fancher
  • Seth Alan Woolley
  • Keith Wilson
  • Chloe Eudaly (incumbent)
  • Sam Adams

Metro Councilor, District 3

  • Gerritt Rosenthal
  • Alison Balbag
  • Tom Anderson

City of Happy Valley Measure 3-558: Shall the City Charter be amended to authorize a mayoral stipend to pay for expenses associated with holding office?

City of Wilsonville Measure 3-556: Should members of City Council be term limited to serving no more than 12 years in any 20-year period? 

Measure 26-209: Portland's proposed gas tax renewal, Measure 26-209, is a replacement for the four-year measure that voters narrowly passed in 2016. The city estimates the 10-cent-per-gallon fuel tax will raise $74.5 million over four years, beginning in January 2021. 

Measure 26-210: Support homeless services by taxing incomes over $200,000 for joint and $125,000 for single income earners, as well as profits on businesses with income over $5 million?

Measure 26-208:  A $65 million bond for the security and facility improvements at Centennial School District's 10 schools, which on average are about 55 years old, according to the district superintendent. If the bond is passed, the state will award a grant of an additional $7.5 million. Measure 26-208 would replace an expiring bond measure. 

Canby School District Measure 3-559: Shall District update safety, technology; improve, repair schools, classrooms; issue $75 million in bonds; estimated to maintain current tax rate? 

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