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‘We’re coming for you’: Students call out lawmakers during March for Our Lives speeches

Six students leading the rally in Portland gave impassioned pleas for change to the audience packed into Pioneer Courthouse Square.

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police estimate more than 10,000 people marched to Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland on Saturday, calling for action to prevent gun violence.

The Portland rally was one of hundreds of student-led demonstrations across the country, sparked by the killing of 17 people during a February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Photos: Portland's March For Our Lives

Six students leading the rally in Portland gave impassioned pleas for change to the audience packed into Pioneer Courthouse Square.

First up was Calum Nguyen, a Sunset High School student, who had a message for politicians who have not supported gun control measures.

"If you do not value us and our right to live, we will vote you out because enough is enough!"

Finn Jacobson, a North Clackamas School District student, set his sights on the National Rifle Association and President Donald Trump.

"Nothing will change until we rip our government free of the brainwashing of the National Rifle Association, wake up our lawmakers and tell them it's time. It's time to see human lives first and material objects second," he said.

Alexandria Goddard, another Sunset High School student, also had a message for lawmakers who do not favor stricter gun laws.

"Remember when you told us we could be anything when we grow up? Well, we're all grown up and we're coming for you," she said.

Eliana Andrews, who attends Lincoln High School, called for unity to "change the future for generations to come."

"We are not asking for metal detectors or arming teachers. We are asking for it to not be so easy for someone to get ahold of a gun made for war," she said.

Ellie Younger, from Southridge High School, vividly described nightmares she has about the impact gun violence has had on others' lives and could have on hers.

"I am angry because I am rocked to sleep by nightmares of gun violence. My sister in the midst of gunfire while she attends college in Chicago. My mother protecting the bodies of her students in the library where she teaches. My friends crouching in the bathroom unable to escape. These are my nightmares and I know I am not alone."

The last student to speak was Tyler White from De La Salle High School. He gave a spoken word speech.

"Let's rise and declare the children be our stakeholders. That our local communities must stand up to stop this. That young people who pioneer our futures set forth a course into unchartered waters. To live in a world where this is the norm," he said.

The student organizers hope all the people who showed up in Portland, and across the country, will help them enact change.

“I’m doing this because I have no choice and I have to get out here and make a change,” said Jacobson.

You can watch each student's full speech in the video below. Skip to the 1-hour, 45-minute mark.

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