PORTLAND, Ore. — President Donald Trump is once again talking about sending migrants who cross the border to sanctuary cities, including Portland.

On Sunday, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler spoke with KGW and responded to the president.

On Saturday night in Wisconsin, Trump held one of his trademark rallies and made the following claim about sending migrants to sanctuary cities.

"I'm proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea," Trump said. "No, hey, hey. What they, what did they say? 'We want 'em.' I said, 'We'll give them to you, thank you. They said, 'We don't want them.'"

Wheeler said for Portland, that's not true. On top of that, he said he hasn't seen an increase in migrants.

"If they do come here, we'll do what we always do. We'll welcome them with open arms," Wheeler said. "But as of today, I haven't heard about any increased number of people coming to Portland, specifically."

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Wheeler said people shouldn't be treated as pawns for the president to send to cities with which he has political disagreements.

Portland is considered a sanctuary city because local law enforcement doesn't help federal immigration officials detain undocumented immigrants.