PORTLAND, Ore. — Mid-term election day is here and the ballots are adding up in Multnomah County.

The latest figures from the elections office show voter turnout Tuesday morning at 51 percent.

And the expert prediction from Elections Director Tim Scott is for 75-percent turnout in the end.

But you’ve got make your vote count on this last chance day, by dropping it off in person, on time.

Find results here as soon as the polls close!

Statewide drop box locator

“Don’t wait until the last minute, don’t wait until 8 o'clock,” said Scott. “Get your ballot voted and get it in a drop site.”

Some people were voting in person at the elections office. They may have recently moved or lost the ballots mailed to them. If they were legally registered to vote, they were helped.

Outside, one man walked up tp a drop box to add his ballot to the others. He wasn’t surprised by the strong turnout, leading up to and on election day.

“People are energized, people are interested with what’s going on, on both sides I would say,” said Chad Reed. “ With that kind of turnout it just proves Oregon’s system is working, right?”

Drop-off sites are spread throughout the county, and the county has another full-service express office at the Multnomah County East Building in Gresham.

More information here on Multnomah County elections.