PORTLAND, Ore. -- Three protesters were arrested Wednesday at Portland City Hall after a group disrupted a Portland City Council meeting.

After the city council meeting was postponed because of the disturbance, a group of people moved out of chambers and stood in the entry way of City Hall, said Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson. The protesters were asked to leave the building and several left once police arrived, but three men from the group were arrested.

The protesters arrested were 21-year-old Christopher McGregor, 24-year-old Zachary Pursley and 29-year-old Jeffrey Singer. All three have been booked into the Multnomah County Jail.

McGregor and Pursley are facing charges of interfering with a peace officer, second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal trespass. Singer faces only two charges, interfering with a peace officer and second-degree criminal trespass.

Simpson said that no force was used by police during Wednesday's arrests.

The protesters who disrupted the city council meeting asked for Mayor Ted Wheeler's resignation in response to what they call police brutality during a Monday protest.

The organizer of the protest, activist Mimi German, said she and her group would "shut down city hall" until their concerns were addressed.

Council meeting disrupted, Protesters take over

Posted by Tim Gordon (KGW-TV) on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"After numerous attempts, including letters from the ACLU to the mayor directly, about police brutality at protests, the mayor is still affirming the need for more riot cops at protests, resulting in more non-violent citizens getting hurt by riot cops at protests," German said in a statement.

Mayor Ted Wheeler had jury duty and was not actually at the meeting, Commissioner Nick Fish said.

Presiding over the meeting, Commissioner Chloe Eudaly introduced the first agenda item and German interrupted within minutes. Eudaly asked German twice to refrain from interrupting the meeting and then called a recess.

German and other protesters remained in council chambers and continued call-and-response chants on a variety of topics.

Other issues German said she wanted the mayor to address included too few homeless shelters in Portland and "death by cops of innocent black children on our streets."

City council resumed after a long recess.

A group of protesters had previously announced plans to march to the mayor's house on Wednesday. Those plans ended after permit talks broke down.