PORTLAND, Ore. -- Jordan Strickland seemed to have it all. He had a great smile. Plenty of friends. Played baseball in high school.

But just days before his 25th birthday, Jordan died of a drug overdose.

“I had people come up during his memorial service and say, ‘I would have never known,'” said Jordan’s mother, Kerry Strickland.

Jordan’s death is a tragedy. Sadly, it’s been repeated time and time again in Oregon.

“Opioid addiction has hit our state like a wrecking ball,” said Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

Sen. Wyden and Lines for Life CEO Dwight Holton met with a room full of survivors, family members and others impacted by opioid addiction at Central City Concern in Northwest Portland Friday afternoon.

Wyden is on the Senate-House Conference Committee working on legislation to combat the health crisis, and he's calling for full funding of their proposal. He fears some members of Congress will push for a scaled-back package.

“To do this right, you have to have enforcement. But you also have to have prevention and treatment,” said Wyden.