PORTLAND, Ore. — Clean energy in Portland was one of the winners in Tuesday night's election.

Portland voters passed a measure that will make it easier for those who live in low income communities to take part in clean energy projects

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The clean energy tax will levy a one percent tax on large businesses, specifically businesses that make over $1 billion in revenue nationally and $500,000 dollars locally. These are businesses like Comcast, Ikea or Walmart, although the tax does not apply to groceries or health care service companies.

Backers estimate the tax will raise about $30 million a year. That money would go into a special clean energy fund.

Organizations and nonprofits will then be able to apply to use that money on various clean energy projects in the city.

"This measure creates a new resource for energy efficiency, renewable energy investments in low income, people of color communities, job training, job opportunities for low income people or people of color,” said Tony De Falco, executive director of Verde. “So we're addressing climate and we’re addressing this income inequality issue at the same time."

The city will appoint a special committee to run the program and allocate the funds. Those funds could be available as early as next year.

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