PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland has joined Seattle in a lawsuit, suing President Trump over an executive order that denies them federal funds for their stance on immigration enforcement.

“It’s not merely that our cities’ values are under attack, it’s that these attacks are against the law,” said Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday. “Together, we are standing up for our values and the Constitution.”

Seattle and Portland filed a complaint in the Western District of Washington, seeking a declaration that they are acting constitutionally and within the federal law. Both cities assert they shouldn’t be denied federal funds because of their law-abiding actions.

Portland stands to lose around $50 million a year in federal grants from Trump’s executive order.

Wheeler reaffirmed the city’s sanctuary status in November after Trump’s election, meaning it will not comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s request to hold people with immigration violations in jail for an extra 48 hours for processing.

What is a sanctuary city and what does it mean in Portland?

In January, Trump signed an executive order that would take federal funds from cities that declared themselves sanctuaries, as both Portland and Seattle have. In April, a federal judge temporarily blocked the order, arguing the president doesn’t have the authority to attach conditions to federal funding.