PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland City Council took a symbolic stance against what it calls hate speech, and specifically, Donald Trump's call to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.

The resolution spells out the city government will not tolerate hate speech, and welcomes all immigrants and refugees with open arms.

"Portland will continue to be a welcoming city to immigrants and refugees from all parts of the world, including the many Muslims fleeing from their violent and unstable countries," said Mayor Charlie Hales to a packed council chambers in city hall.

It sets the city apart from some very divisive talk going on in American politics. Namely, recent controversial views from Republican candidate Donald Trump, who has called for a "complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

After a four-hour summit with Muslim leaders and others recently in Portland, city commissioners drafted the resolution.

Even though the council says this was inspired by Trump's comments, his name is not in the writing of the resolution. It's illegal for the council to support or bash any political campaign in their written agendas.

"Presidential candidates have the right to say dumb things, and we have the right to censor them for it, so this just makes it clearer for that change," Commissioner Nick Fish said.

Over a dozen speakers praised the council, saying this is a big, and welcome step forward for an American city.

Imam Abdullah Polovina of the Bosniak Educational and Cultural Organization told the council, "Today you, as our friends, are not silent. I feel honored and proud of that not as a Muslim but as an American."

Others say it could go further.

"We urge the city to stop surveillance and profiling of community's of color, of Arab and Muslim communities so it can't be just a one-day statement," said Maxine Fooksun, with the Portland chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace.