PORTLAND, Ore. -- Word that John Kasich was out of the presidential race hit hard for Oregon Republicans like Bruce Starr.

He was on Kasich's Oregon leadership team.

Today Starr said he'll still vote Kasich in the primary. He's not sure about trump in November.

“It really depends on who he, you know, who he surrounds himself with. He has to reach out to Republicans like me who, he’s clearly not my first choice,” Starr said.

We also checked in with the Republicans running for Oregon Governor.

Bud Pearce said he will support Donald Trump.

“Well certainly with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, I will firmly be backing Mister Trump," he said.

Allen Alley's campaign said he had no time to talk with us Wednesday and would not say whether Alley supports trump or not.

A public poll out last week shows there is support for Trump in Oregon.

But in Washington County, which holds more registered Republican voters than any other county in Oregon, many were angry and frustrated.

“We got two candidates, neither one are really qualified!” said one older man who refused to give his name.

“I have never seen, if he becomes our president I’ll move to another country!" the man said.

Mary Hawley is a Republican visiting from California.

“I probably will vote for Hillary over Trump. Because I feel Trump is just impossible,” she said.

Republican Jake Rose believes trump has no place in the White House.

“I’m not going to be voting this year,” he said.

That comment could send chills down the Republican party's spine. If large blocks of Republicans skip the election it will affect Oregon’s race for Governor and legislative races.

If that feeling is echoed nationally, it could affect control of the U.S. Senate.

Not all republicans in Washington County struggle with Donald Trump, however.

Tracy Bedinger is a proud backer. She feels the nation is in crisis and Donald Trump understands and will help.

“He's the voice of the people. He's the voice of the people,” she said.