PORTLAND, Ore. – The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon has filed a lawsuit against President Trump's immigration executive order, which in part bars immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

“Trump’s order we believe is both amoral and unconstitutional, and does not reflect the values of Oregonians,” said Mat dos Santos, legal director of the Oregon ACLU.

The ACLU and Immigrant Law Group PC filed the lawsuit in Oregon federal court on Wednesday on behalf of social justice group Unite Oregon. Dos Santos said the executive order violates due process and freedom of religion rights.

“The complaint seeks to ensure critical access to counsel for these folks who are being detained for extended detentions and interrogations at Portland International Airport.”

Dos Santos said the ACLU has offered pro-bono counsel to those detained at PDX since President Trump signed the executive order on Friday. He said they’ve helped 1-3 people per day, but there are others they are not getting access to.

“People have been interrogated with no probable cause, no reason, and we find that deeply troubling.”

Dos Santos said he hasn’t heard of anyone being sent back to their country after being detained at PDX.

The Oregon ACLU is not the first organization to legally challenge Trump's executive order. Washington state’s attorney general filed a federal suit earlier this week.

The executive order, which sparked nationwide protests, bans immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries for 90 days, indefinitely bans Syrian refugees and bars all refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days.

To read the full lawsuit, click here.