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Here are the new Oregon laws that went into effect Jan. 1

There are currently 20 pending laws that were passed in the 2022 legislative session and are scheduled to take effect in the new year.

Jonathan Soto, Anthony Macuk (KGW)

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Published: 8:00 AM PST December 30, 2022
Updated: 7:05 PM PST January 1, 2023

Oregon’s new gun control and psilocybin laws have dominated headlines in recent weeks, both due to their hot-button subject matter and because their respective ballot initiatives, Measure 114 and Measure 109, both set dates in December 2022 as the deadline for implementation. 

But the ballot measures are the exception; most new Oregon laws take a more conventional route to passage through the State Legislature, and they often take effect on Jan. 1 of the following year – or sometimes subsequent years. 

There are currently 20 pending laws that were passed in the 2022 legislative session and are scheduled to take effect Sunday. They may not be as eye-catching as gun control or magic mushrooms, but they’ll still have big impacts on Oregon health care, education, labor law and more. 

Here’s a rundown of what takes effect next week, along with their official summaries as listed on the Oregon State Legislature’s website:

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