U.S. senator Ron Wyden's trip to the border this weekend is making national headlines after he helped a pregnant woman get the medical help she needed.

The woman, her husband, and their 3-year-old son were seeking asylum in the United States. They were staying at an immigration facility on the Mexico side of the border waiting for entry into the U.S. at the time they met Wyden.

A pediatrician traveling with the senator said the woman was experiencing potentially fatal health complications from her pregnancy.

That's when Senator Wyden said he and his team helped the woman and her family get to the border.

The senator posted pictures to his Twitter account showing his interaction with border patrol officers as he and others advocated for the pregnant woman and her family to be let into the U.S. to go to a hospital.

He spoke about what happened in a video that he also posted to Twitter.

"We were essentially told early by the customs officials that things were all filled up and there was no way she could get in. Then when they found out that I was a United States senator, that we had a pediatrician with us, they changed their tune," Wyden said in the Twitter video.

Wyden said the woman will now get the help she needs. If he hadn't stepped in, she and her family could have been stuck in Mexico at the facility, potentially for months, while they waited for their asylum case to be reviewed.

The Trump administration attorneys have said that policy, known as the "remain in Mexico" policy, is meant to deter "baseless" asylum claims that are "overtaxing" the immigration system.

Another reason the woman and her family were initially unable to cross the Mexican border was due to another Trump administration policy called "metering," which limits the number of asylum seekers per day.