PORTLAND, Ore.— Donors from Oregon and Washington have made late contributions to the Alabama special election Senate race during its frantic closing days.

A review of Federal Election Commission records show residents in Oregon and Washington donated $21,000 since November 28.

Of the 10 contributions made from late November to present, $11,600 went to Republican candidate Roy Moore. Democrat Doug Jones received $9,400 during that same period from residents in Oregon and Washington.

It is not uncommon for out-of-state cash to flow for close congressional elections.

Of the $141,500 in donations made to Moore since November 28, just $40,000 came from contributions in Alabama, according to a report from The Daily Beast citing FEC data.

Jones received nearly $210,000 since November 28 from out-of-state donors, and just $13,700 or six percent from people living in Alabama.

Most donors were listed as individuals on the FEC records, although Moore received a $1,000 contribution from a Portland, Oregon company called I.T. Management.

“I am a Moore supporter. He is a good man,” said Judith Selich of South Beach, Oregon during a phone conversation with KGW. The retired attorney said she wrote two separate checks for the Moore campaign during the Alabama congressional election totaling $2,000.

“He is someone I have always liked. I am fully aware of the allegations. Some of them are true. Some of them are not,” Selich said.

KGW was not successful in reaching the Oregon and Washington residents who recently contributed to the Jones campaign.

They include a physician from Portland, an engineer from Edmonds and a patent attorney from Seattle. The Jones supporters from Oregon and Washington recently wrote checks ranging from $2,700 to $1,000.