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'Bathroom bill' passes the Idaho House and moves to the governor's desk

The bill was drafted by the Idaho Family Policy Center, which purports to work toward recognizing "biblical truths in sexuality and gender."

IDAHO, USA — A bill designed to make students use the bathroom that matches their biological sex has passed the Idaho House 59 to 10, according to the Idaho Press, and now moves to the governor's desk with a veto-proof majority.

SB 1100, passed the house on Thursday, March 16. It was drafted by the Idaho Family Policy Center, its website states that the organization, "is working to promote biblically sound public policy that protects the sanctity of life, safeguards religious freedom, strengthens parental rights, recognizes biblical truths in sexuality and gender, and stimulates economic opportunity." 

The bill states that, "there are real and inherent physical differences between men and women," and that any student who, while using the restroom, sleeping quarters or changing facility, encounters a person of the opposite sex, can sue the school for $5,000 (for each instance they encounter a person of the opposite sex). Said student could also recover monetary damages from the school for all, "psychological, emotional and physical harm suffered."

The bill not only requires students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex, it also requires the school to provide "reasonable accommodation" to students who are "unable or unwilling" to use the assigned bathrooms.

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