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Portland conservative talk radio host Lars Larson identified suspected whistleblower on Fox News

During a Fox News segment on Thursday, Lars Larson publicly shared the name of the person he believes is the whistleblower.

PORTLAND, Ore — A Portland conservative talk radio host named the suspected whistleblower on a Fox News segment.

Lars Larson hosts a daily local and nationally syndicated show on FM News 101 KXL. He appeared on Fox News as a guest on Thursday, Nov. 7.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Larson became the first person to name the suspected Ukraine whistleblower on live television. He made the comments during a segment on "Outnumbered Overtime," which is hosted by Harris Faulkner.

Several conservative websites have also named the supposed whistleblower. One of those articles was retweeted by the president's son, Donald Trump Jr. 

When addressing the issue on his radio show Thursday evening, Larson said the American people had the right to know the name of the whistleblower.

Larson told KGW, "I believe all of Washington knows, all of the press corps knows, and the only people in the dark are the American people. If you're talking about removing the president, chosen by the American people, you have an obligation of telling them who's accusing [the president]."

Political analyst Len Bergstein calls what Larson did an act of intimidation. 

"When somebody like Lars Larson steps into it and kind of kicks over the apple carton, really tries to distract us and cause chaos, it really distracts the American public from the ability to come to a logical conclusion that democracy depends on," Bergstein said.

Fox News released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, saying, "Fox News has not confirmed or independently verified the name of the whistleblower."

Who is Lars Larson? Brenda Braxon talked with the local conservative talk radio host in Nov. 2018. But there was one catch: NO POLITICS! 

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