PORTLAND, Ore. -- After throwing his support behind Donald Trump in May, Oregon Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce now says he is unsure whether he will cast his vote for any presidential candidate in November.

Pierce released a statement Tuesday saying he does not believe Trump has been able to "rise to the occasion and unify the party" and is waiting to see "more from Donald Trump in the way of specific policy proposals and a more inclusive tone" before deciding whether to vote for him.

He said he would not be voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or any third-party candidate, leaving open the possibility that he may not vote at all.

Current Oregon Governor Kate Brown has vehemently supported Clinton's run for presidency. She announced her support for the Democratic candidate during a surprise appearance by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, in March. Brown called Clinton the "fighter Oregon families need in the White House."

Read Dr. Bud Pierce's full statement:

I cannot and will not vote for Hillary Clinton in this election. I supported Donald Trump in the Republican primary. I was hopeful that Donald Trump would rise to the occasion and unify the party and nation during the general election. As each day goes by, more of the opposite has taken place. At this point in time I need to see more from Donald Trump in the way of specific policy proposals and a more inclusive tone in order to vote for him.

I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton or any third party candidates. Like many Americans, I will continue to watch how Trump conducts himself and his campaign between now and election day.