SALEM, Oregon — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown was sworn in and delivered her second inaugural address, known as the State of the State address, on Monday afternoon at the Capitol.

In the speech, Brown unveiled some of her top priorities, including education, voter rights, campaign finance reform, health care, affordable and accessible housing, climate change, and clean energy, among others.

Brown, a Democrat, is serving her first full term. She took over for resigned Democratic Governor John Kitzahber in 2015 and won a special election in 2016 to finish his term. She was the first openly bisexual governor elected in the United States. Brown was Secretary of State prior to taking over as governor.

In the November 2018 election, Brown defeated Republican challenger Knute Buehler with 50 percent of the vote to his 44 percent.

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During the 2018 campaign, Brown ran on a platform of guiding Oregon through an unstable period while making progress on some of the biggest challenges facing the state.

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She highlighted legislation such as “Cover All Kids,” the minimum wage increase, and a $5 billion infrastructure package as successes during her time as governor.

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