PORTLAND, Ore. -- As people across the country turn out to vote, many of them are finding themselves stuck in long lines waiting to cast their ballot.

A group of Portlanders is trying to make that wait a little more bearable.

They decided to bring pizza to voters waiting in long lines across the U.S. hoping it’ll help keep people in line so they will vote.

“Everyone loves pizza. So we came up with the idea this weekend,” said Katie Harlow, with the group Pizza to the Polls.

The idea is catching a lot of attention.

“It's nuts. We weren't expecting it to blow up as much as it did,” Harlow said.

Money was initially donated from the Portland-based Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands Political Action Committee. Donations have also exploded. So how does it work? People send in pictures on Twitter and fill out a form on the Pizza to the Polls website.

“Folks send us a long line or send us a polling place. We make sure it's a legit location and then we send in the pizzas,” explained Harlow.

20-30 pizzas are sent out at a time and the pictures keep coming. Harlow said they're getting hundreds of tweets an hour.

“It feels really nice for us to kind of like do something that everyone can get behind. Everyone can get behind free food,” Harlow said.

At last check, the group has received almost $41,000 in donations and delivered more than 2000 pizzas.

They've got 10 or 11 volunteers from all over helping them order pizzas including folks in Australia and England.

If you're wondering what they're going to do with the leftover money? Harlow said it will be donated to help feed hungry Americans.