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Joe Kent campaign addresses confusion over the Republican candidate's employer

The explanation came two days after a report suggested the company Kent claimed to work for didn't exist.

VANCOUVER, Wash. — An article published by The Daily Beast asked what exactly is American Enterprise Solutions? 

According to multiple campaign documents filed by Republican Joe Kent, it's the company the Washington 3rd Congressional District candidate works for. But when KGW searched several databases, none showed any public record of an American Enterprise Solutions.

It took nearly 48-hours for Kent's campaign to respond to the confusion. No one wanted to answer questions about it during a Monday night campaign event, but on Tuesday, they offered an answer. 

By email, Kent's senior policy advisor Matt Braynard said Kent and his campaign had been calling Kent's employer by the wrong name. He clarified that the correct name of Kent’s employer is Advanced Enterprise Solutions. 

Braynard said the company had been called American Enterprise Solutions in 2019 when the firm hired Kent. But, he said the company switched its name to Advanced Enterprise Solutions shortly after that. 

Kent's campaign shared two W-2 tax forms from 2020 and 2021 showing the new name — Advanced Enterprise Solutions.

When KGW searched for Advanced Enterprise Solutions, more confusion emerged. 

State business records in Virginia where the company is based, showed its business license is no longer active. Records showed the company did not pay its annual registration fee that was due on Aug. 31.

Advanced Enterprise Solutions is a tech startup that collects research related to 5G technology, according to Kent’s campaign. 

Braynard told KGW he was to blame for using the company’s old name when filing a financial disclosure report with the House Ethics Committee in April. He said he has since filed an amendment to correct it. But, as The Daily Beast first reported, there were more than two dozen other documents including donation forms submitted by Kent's campaign that used the wrong business name. 

Kent's opponent, Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, said the confusion is concerning.

“The fact remains that there wasn't clarity in a lot of the initial statements and a lot of very serious paperwork that's been filed for the last almost two years,” said Glusenkamp Perez. “I think these records deserve close attention and to be taken seriously.”

Kent's campaign also shared a statement which they said was from Advanced Enterprise Solutions counsel, seemingly confirming his employment and explaining the business's desire to keep a low profile. It said in part,  "Joe Kent is employed by a US company, which does not wish to be identified, only because while their employees are free as individuals to participate in politics, they as a company do not."


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