SALEM, Ore. — Democrats in the Oregon State Senate have quickly passed out of committee a measure to cap rent increases statewide.

There could be a full Senate floor vote as early as next week, according to the Statesman Journal.

Republicans had little say at the one committee hearing on the bill and were not allowed to introduce amendments. They  may try to delay the floor vote with a tactic of slowly reading the entire contents of the bill, the Statesman reported.

The Democrats hold a super majority in the Senate and the House.

If it passes, the bill will cap rent increases at seven points above the annual increase in the consumer price index, or about 10 percent a year. It will also, among other things, ban no-cause evictions for anyone who's lived in their rental more than a year.

All five Portland city commissioners, including Mayor Ted Wheeler, have signed a letter supporting the bill.

State lawmakers held a town hall recently at Portland Community College.

Among the complaints were that the bill allows landlords with only a handful of properties to avoid paying relocation fees after evicting a tenant. Constituents want that loophole gone, and say there should be an all-out ban on no-cause evictions.

Landlords are against the concept of statewide rent control, but the head of the Portland Area Rental Owners Association admits that, looking at the bill, they were prepared for worse.