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Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith joins growing list of officials calling for commissioner to resign

Mark Shull's Facebook page contained numerous Islamophobic and other offensive comments in recent years.

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. — Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith joined a growing list of public officials calling for the resignation of Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull over racist posts he made on social media.

Smith had released a statement on Tuesday condemning Shull’s posts but stopped short of saying he should resign. She took the next step on Wednesday with a brief statement.

“In support of the greatest good of citizens of Clackamas County, I have asked that Mark Shull resign from the Board of County Commissioners immediately,” Smith said.

Shull indicated during a commission meeting on Thursday morning that he does not intend to resign: "I've heard and understand your concerns, I submitted a statement earlier in the week about the messages. My intention at this time to carry out work of the people of Clackamas County, thank you." .

Earlier on Wednesday, a group of Clackamas County legislators joined together to say Shull should resign.

Shull’s Facebook page is now shut down, but not before inflammatory posts were saved last week. A person who lives in Clackamas County with ties to the local Democratic Party compiled them. Cris Waller said she made it her personal mission to investigate concerns she had about Shull, and his social posts.

What Waller saw were many Islamophobic statements by Shull, including:

  • "Islam is in total conflict with America, with the Constitution and with the Christian values upon which the USA was founded."
  • "When you interact with a Muslim, you're being deceived. Period. End of sentence."

Shull took on immigrants, the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter movement, writing in one post, "BLM is not about black lives mattering or any other life mattering. BLM is a pawn for the rise of neo Marxism."

Shull also spread conspiracy theories connected to the cause of devastating Oregon wildfires last year.

On Tuesday, Shull released a statement, saying in part, "I apologize for any concerns in the community related to my comments years ago about problems with integration of Islam into western society. I respect the freedom of religion that extends to members of the Islamic community, as well as to all religious beliefs."

The offensive posts are not from "years ago" as Shull states, but from the past couple of years, including from 2020.

In his statement calling for Shull to resign, Clackamas County District Attorney John Wentworth said in part, “Clackamas County is better than this, and deserves more from its leadership.”

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