SALEM, Ore. -- Gov. Kate Brown on Friday announced an update to her plan to increase the minimum wage over six years, with higher pay in the Portland area.

"Based on feedback from stakeholders, I have refined my proposal, beginning implementation in 2016, so workers get higher pay sooner, and extending the glide path to give businesses more time to prepare for higher wages," said Governor Brown in a news release.

The initial plan was going to begin in 2017. Brown's updated plan will call for a higher wage in July 2016, six months sooner.

Under the plan, the statewide minimum wage will start at $9.75 and rise to $13.25 by 2022.

Inside the Portland Metro Urban Growth Boundary, the minimum wage will start at $9.75 and increase to $14.50 by 2022, according to Brown's plan.

Brown expects the legislature to debate the plan when it convenes in February.

Oregon's minimum wage is $9.25 an hour, $2 more than the national minimum.

Brown reasons that Portland should have the higher wage as the economy grows faster in the metro area than the rest of the state.

After 2022, the minimum wage would be tied to the Consumer Price Index.

Activists with the Raise the Wage Coalition said they liked the idea of a higher wage in the Portland area but had concerns about Brown's long-term frame for increasing the wage.

The group is circulating an initiative petition that calls for raising the statewide minimum wage to $13.50 by 2018 and to allow local governments to se the figure higher.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales praised Brown's efforts to raise the minimum wage.

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