Bernie Sanders may have the powers to break up big banks and make health care free, but those aren't traditional superpowers, per se.

That didn't stop the scraggly Vermont senator from getting his own action figure to commemorate his presidential campaign.

Seattle-area artist Michael Leavitt teamed up with the New York-based company FCTRY to design a miniature Sanders, and fans can pre-order the toy via Kickstarter today.

“To do it for Bernie in this case, in this moment in time, is really gratifying. It’s exciting. It’s fun to feel like I’m part of something that’s going on,” said Michael Leavitt, a sculptor on Vashon Island.

Bernie, a "join-the-action figure," comes complete with Sanders' signature frumpled brow and mouth open in mid-shout.

"He's like a caricature," said Leavitt. "Well, his disheveled-ness. It seems like he never combs his hair for an appearance. His suits don’t seemed ironed. His shirt seem ruffled. His tie is kinda loose. All those things."

Supporters can secure their own Sanders for $20. Shipping for the toy is free — socialism! — with $1 of every order going toward Sanders' campaign if the crowdfunding succeeds. The company introduced a Hillary Clinton action figure last year with a dollar from each going to her campaign, too.

The company behind the figure even produced their own 30-second commercial for the Bernie figure, complete with a catchy jingle based on an old toy ad from the 1980s.

KING 5's Teresa Yuan contributed to this report.

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